Now PPO Pasteurisation is in Turkey.

( Date : 12.01.2011 )

Now PPO Pasteurisation is in Turkey.

Propylene oxide (PPO) is a registered fumigant in the US for reduction of bacteria,yeast and mold especially on nuts and on the other products. Products which are treated in accordance with the PPO treatment paremeters can be labelled as ‘’pasteurized ‘’

This is a surface treatment and does not affect the nutritional characteristics of  product. PPO has been used on foods since 1958 and is proven to be very effective at reducing harmful bacteria like Salmonella etc and poses no risk to consumers. PPO residue dissipates after treatment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed that PPO poses no health risk. We have carried out this technology to Turkey by preserving our rights with patent protection in Turkey.

This process is effective for all kind of food products but it is applied especially to nuts  as  steam sterilization is not suitable because of oil content of such products and there was no alternative in Turkey for this industry.

Now we give servise for other exporters, if you want to have microbiologyly safe products , please contact with us:


Now PPO Pasteurisation is in Turkey.
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